Rustic Elegance

Do you use pinterest?  It can be a wonderful tool.  We love to curate inspiration/mood boards for weddings and personal styling projects.  Pinterest can provide inspiration and help you narrow down the overall style and feel you want for your event.  The key is to not look at the images in a literal sense (you can’t duplicate everything), but rather, to take the inspiration and create your own unique event.  If you are using a wedding planner or wedding stylist, a pinterest board can give them a good idea of the style and feeling you are drawn to visually.  One of the best ways to curate a pinterest board for your wedding is to pin things that mean something, make you feel something, or that inspires you.  Then once you have pinned what seems to be a mountain of images go back and fine tune your board, eliminating the items to create a highly curated board that represents the feeling for your wedding.

images via pinterest

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